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What is Recovery Support High School?

Designed for students ages 14-21 (or 22 if on an IEP) who have histories of using substances and identify their substance use as problematic and wish to stop.

Available to any student in recovery from a substance use disorder who meets state or district eligibility requirements for attendance.

We have created a supportive and stigma free environment! We provide treatment and support services to students while maintaining their presence in the school environment.

We provide support for families learning how to live with teens entering into the recovery lifestyle

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The program is designed to meet the individual needs of teens recovering from substance use disorder with compassion, dignity, and structure. Substance use disorder and educational instructions will be provided to secondary students in a trauma informed environment.

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Using a three-part model of care that is based on Arway Academy in Houston Texas, the program utilize recovery staff (Positive Images), Educational Faculty (Secondary High School) and the students enrolled in the school who have been identified as having a substance use disorder and needing treatment.


The Recovery Support High School subscribes to a Harm Reduction Model, believing that relapse can occur and recovery is not absolute. We work with students to develop a relapse prevention plan, and when/if relapse occurs, our team will work collaboratively with students, families and collaterals to provide the requisite support for sobriety and recovery.

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All students work with our Recovery Clinician to develop an individualized recovery and relapse prevention plan


  • All students receive psychoeducational and recovery support groups
  • All students are subject to drug testing on site
  • All students are able to meet with the Recovery Clinician individually for counseling and support frequency is dependent on student need and IEP accommodations requirements
  • All students are educated on the availability of community self-help groups and are taught how to access these resources
  • Parents/guardians are able to access supports and resources from the Recovery Clinician. Recovery School recognizes addiction as a family disease and will assist family members in accessing needed services.