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Positive Images Inc. is a private, 501 (c)(3) non-profit, therapeutic recovery community for substance use disorder. The organization addresses the special needs of adults and families recovering from substance use disorders, mental impairment, co-occurring disorders, social problems, medical issues, and/or environmental problems. It provides a women’s specialty program, intensive substance use treatment, mental health treatment, transitional housing, integrated services (substance use disorder and mental health treatment combined), childcare, shelter, support services, referrals to ancillary services, and collaboration with existing community programs.

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Our vision is to create a better everyday life for persons in recovery from a substance use disorder. This is accomplished by providing a home-like recovery environment that promotes a safe, clean, and affordable place for residents to build or enhance prosocial behaviors and relationships that are supportive of their continuous recovery.


The primary goal of the program is to reduce personal challenges through the use of therapeutic treatment. Our supportive services include:

  1. Housing for women and their children.
  2. Childcare – Children under the age of five are provided with supervised childcare.
  3. Family Support Program – Individual group and family counseling may be provided in the clients’ homes. An FIA referral is required to obtain this service.
  4. Twelve-Step Programs
  5. Referrals and assessments.


A PERSON-CENTERED APPROACH TO TREATMENT – Positive Images has adopted Carl Rogers’ person–centered approach to treatment. It recognizes that each individual is the expert in reporting their history and needs and that the therapist is merely the facilitator. Positive Images values each consumer, the staff, and the leadership of the organization. Positive Images believes in treating each person individually and attempts to view the world from the person’s perspective. Positive Images implements services in a positive social environment whereas individuals can experience relative well-being. The program is designed to assist individuals in moving towards self-determination and self-independence.

Admission Requirements:

Consumers must:

  • Be adults, eighteen years of age or older
  • Admit to having a substance use disorder
  • Be mentally and physically able to participate in the program
  • Be willing to comply with all program rules and procedures
  • Not require acute detoxification

Priorities for admission are:

  • Pregnant users
  • Injecting users
  • Women with children
  • Persons with infectious diseases
  • All others


Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN)
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