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Recovery Services: Each resident is assigned a Recovery Coach to assist in developing and implementing a recovery plan. Recovery Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that supports individuals who are considering (or may be in) recovery from dependency.

Professional Recovery Coaches work:

  • With their clients to set and reach powerful, effective, meaningful, and relevant goals.
  • Ask their clients to go beyond where they would have gone on their own.
  • Help clients sharpen and maintain focus so they can quickly produce results.
  • Provide the tools, encouragement, support, and structure to accomplish more.

Case management – Assist residents in identifying community services that they need and assist them in accessing these services i.e. medical, dental, permanent housing programs, employment training and placement, etc.

Independent Living Skills Specialist/Recovery Coach provides one on one assistance for residents needing help in money-management, organization of their units, food preparation, assistance in obtaining permanent housing, etc.

Michigan Rehabilitation Services – A representative from MRS provides employment assessment, training and placement services to those who are seeking jobs.

Medical Doctor – Provides medical screening and referrals to primary medical care.