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weiner barbeque

Positive Images host an annual picnic in which consumers, alumni, staff, and community investors of our drug and alcohol recovery community have the chance to connect with their families. The picnic is conducted on the second Saturday of July at Positive Images’ Residential site.

The annual picnic is held as a part of celebrating sobriety. Live music is provided along with barbeque food for people eager to enjoy. An inflatable castle, ice cream stand, mobile train and other fun activities are available for the patrons to enjoy. Prizes for different age groups were also given to participants.

The goal of the picnic is to demonstrate how people can have fun and party without getting intoxicated. This is where we show people how sobriety leads to growth and development within their community. “It’s only through change that we grow”, quote often said by Positive Images’ Executive Director, Maisha Kenyatta.

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